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SKF Glide Kit for WP-AER

A Special kit to improve WP-AER Fork performances. The upgrade kit implement a set of parts to update the internal cartridges in order to mount SKF newly developed piston and cartridge seals.

SKF Piston and cartridge seals will be also available separately for further maintenance/service. The SKF are NOT compatible with OE structure, thus first time, customers will have to purchase the complete kit.

The product has been extensively tested not only internally but also by few selected external testers. The feedback has always been positive.  The overall friction is diminished significantly thus to allow the fork to finally react to registers settings. In some case of heavy riders, the damper side may need re-shimming to increase its breaking capacity.

Innteck Glide Kit for WP with SKF Piston and seals (Reduces Friction better small bump absorption less arm pump and smoother feel)

Suitable for


125SX 16-20
150SX 16-20
250SXF 16-20
450SXF 16-20
250SX 16-20
250XCF 16-20
300XC 16-20
450XCF 16-20


FC250 17-20
FC350 17-20
FC450 17-20
FS450 17-20
FX350 17-20
FX450 17-20
TC125 17-20
TC250 17-20
TX300 17-20