SKF Seal Head Unit (SH-KYB-16-50-20)

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Provides reliable sealing over a wide temperature range and easy installation.

Make/Model Specifications


  • CRF 450 2009-2014


  • KXF 250 2009-2014


  • YZF 450 2010-2014


Available applications

Motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV (All Terrain Vehicle/Quad).

SKF advantages:

  • Wide temperature range of –40 to +150 °C using HNBR
  • Plastic back-up ring to reduce friction and wear under high pressure
  • Increased service life and performance
  • Integration of all components into one easy to assemble unit (simplifying supply and installation)
  • Optional stroke bumper can be integrated into the sealing system
  • Compact solution to reduce height (to maximize stroke length/minimize shock absorber length)
  • Simplified air bleeding thanks to unique one-piece design

SKF has state-of-the-art manufacturing processes that allow us to develop the most advanced profiles.

The design features of the integrated monotube seals

  • Static OD seal as part of the unit
  • Metal stamping supports all the features
  • Stroke bumper integration
  • Back-up ring to support the main lip under high pressure conditions
  • Dedicated materials and designs tuned to each other

SKF has a proven success record in the production of shock absorber seals. This patented innovation further extends the SKF product range of shock absorber sealing.